Healthy Mares and Foals

We enjoy and have been providing outstanding reproductive services to our clients for many years. These include but are not limited to general reproductive soundness exams of mares, artificial insemination, and treatment of uterine infections, pregnancy checks and early reduction of twin pregnancies. We would be glad to discuss your needs and assist you throughout the breeding process.


At Northwest Equine, we are equipped to perform full breeding services for mares.  Prior to breeding, we encourage owners to have a pre-breeding examination performed to assess the mare's suitability for breeding.  This includes an evaluation of the general condition, an ultrasound examination of the reproductive tract (uterus and ovaries), a speculum examination, and a uterine culture and cytology.  If the mare is older or has had previous pregnancy problems, the pre-breeding examination may also include a uterine biopsy. Mares may be bred either on your farm or at our clinic, depending on location and type of semen being used.  Frozen semen breeding must be performed at the clinic as it requires intensive monitoring of the ovaries to determine the appropriate time for breeding.  Breeding packages are available for mares brought into our clinic and include all necessary ultrasound examinations, ordering of semen, insemination and semen analysis, and medications necessary for management of the breeding cycle (not including sedation). After breeding, the mare should be checked for pregnancy at 14-16 days.  This enables us to determine whether the mare is pregnant and ensure that she does not have a twin pregnancy.  Further ultrasound examinations are performed at 30-35 days to check for a heart beat and at 55-60 days to ensure the pregnancy is progressing normally.  Further ultrasound examinations may be performed as needed or desired. There is always a veterinarian on call to help with any questions or problems that may arise around foaling time.  If everything goes well, the mare and foal should be checked the next day to make sure both of them look healthy and to make sure that the foal is nursing appropriately.


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